Welcome to the all-new Vision SSA Platform

Empowering the Zimmer Biomet Sub-Saharan partners with a complete portfolio of online resources and brochure materials, to take your winning sales strategies to the next level.

Head Quarters (HQ)

This is your homepage, from where you can find everything you need to navigate to, on the Vision SSA Platform

Brochure App (Coming Soon)

The Brochure App is a comprehensive, electronic portfolio of Zimmer Biomet’s solutions available in the SSA region. All the products in one place, share them with your surgeon and create enquiries - Easier than ever before!


Can I just keep using my temporary password?

Unfortunately not. Once you have registered, you will be requested to change your password to continue using the Vision SSA Platform.

What should I do if I require assistance on the new Platform?

Feel free to complete the "Need help" form on the bottom right of the new Vision SSA Platform once you have logged in.
If you are struggling to log in to the platform please send an email to support@vision-ssa.com so we can follow up with the Vision SSA Technical Support Team to restore your access to the platform

What if a product that I require information for, is not available on the platform?

Please send an email to support@vision-ssa.com with specific product details so we can update the Vision SSA Brochure App with the relevant product information and marketing materials.

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